About Us

The Members of Purple Patriots consist of people who believe in “Paying it Forward” and “The Golden Rule.” We also understand that the best deeds are those that are kept anonymous – not done for a “Thank You” or a “Name in the Newspaper,” but between the Donor, the person in need and the Man Upstairs.

We are Faith Based, Volunteers, Donors, Patriots, Military Veterans, Hard Workers and just plain and simple good citizens – joining together to help those in need who many times go overlooked.

We are also active on an international scale with roots in the Dominican Republic and Mexico.  More information to follow on our International Affiliates.


Why did we name the organization “Purple Patriots” ?

We formed Purple Patriots on December 12th, 2010; a time where we saw our country making some very bad decisions regarding actions of elected officials.  Our theory is that Red is Republican, White is Independent and Blue is Democrat.  If you mix these colors, they combine to make Purple; hence you see many politicians that wear purple ties and purple accents to ladies wear in politics.

The real truth is that when it comes right down to it, our country, the greatest nation on the planet, we will always have 15% on the far right and 15% on the far left and 70% don’t really care who the “political party” is, as long as decisions are made for the better good of our great nation and we stand united at 70%; not divided.  70% wins elections from City Council to the Presidency.

So, while we honor, respect,salute, support and thank God for our Purple Heart military recipients; the name Purple Patriots was not derived nor intended to be misleading about Purple Heart Medals of Honor.

1st Annual Steve LeBlanc Life Memorial Photos and Videos

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Our Core Values

  1. We Are Faith Based
  2. We Work Hard
  3. Power in Numbers
  4. We Are Thankful and Giving
  5. We Are Un-Afraid
  6. We Encourage
  7. We Are Truth and Honor
  8. We Are Loyal and Dedicated
  9. We Are Aware
  10. We Are Victorous