Steven J. LeBlanc

The poem below was written by Steven J. LeBlanc’s son Michael.



Time to move forward – it’s a brand new day.
I’m not gonna waste it – no how, no way.
Today is a blessing – I’m alive – what a gift.
It’s my call to action, my bountiful shift.

Forget about yesterday, it’s all in the past.
I’ll reach my goals – I’ll do it – at last.
Gonna win – gonna make it – one step at a time.
‘Cause failure’s no longer an option of mine.

Gonna love like I mean it, live hard and work steady,
Forgive and make peace – so if time’s up – I’m ready.

This world spins around for better or worse,
I’ll use my wisdom to receive what I disperse.

I’ll kneel for my prayers with faith and get rest
‘Cause no matter the outcome – Today I did my best.


Written by Michael J. LeBlanc – Founder of Purple Patriots

This foundation was very near to Steven’s heart. You can read his obituary here:

1st Annual Steve LeBlanc Life Memorial Photos and Videos

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Our Core Values

  1. We Are Faith Based
  2. We Work Hard
  3. Power in Numbers
  4. We Are Thankful and Giving
  5. We Are Un-Afraid
  6. We Encourage
  7. We Are Truth and Honor
  8. We Are Loyal and Dedicated
  9. We Are Aware
  10. We Are Victorous