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3rd Annual      “Good Grub & Gears – Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show !!

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For this 3rd Annual Event, we are proud to have Hoss Reime, the 2014 Jambalaya World Champion Winner, cooking our Jambalaya and Pastalaya !!

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All food proceeds go to Independence Village; a great charity.         www.independence-village.org


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All of us have witnessed friends and family going through a really hard time, disabled veterans and citizens, families that can’t pay for food and rent because of an illness, families and individuals that “don’t qualify” for governmental help or that many times get overlooked for a variety of reasons.  Simply put, these are people who just need a little help.

We know that bad things happen to good people all the time. Purple Patriots is a Foundation designed to simply help those in need and help make our country and this world a better place by the efforts of our united contributions of time and donations. We can accomplish a lot by just following the Golden Rule.

We have a fully equipped office in Friendswood, Texas – which is our National Headquarters with locations in other states to follow. Purple Patriots was opened to raise funds and donate time for worthy causes that Our Members agree upon.  We are forming the Non-Profit (tax deductible) entity.

We are: Faith Based, Volunteers, Donors, First Responders, Patriots, Military Veterans, Hard Workers and just plain and simple good citizens – joining together to:  1) Help those in need for medical assistance 2) Award scholarships to students seeking a higher education, that do not  have the financial capability.

We want to keep the concept as simple as our slogan…. “People Helping People”

1st Annual Steve LeBlanc Life Memorial Photos and Videos

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Our Core Values

  1. We Are Faith Based
  2. We Work Hard
  3. Power in Numbers
  4. We Are Thankful and Giving
  5. We Are Un-Afraid
  6. We Encourage
  7. We Are Truth and Honor
  8. We Are Loyal and Dedicated
  9. We Are Aware
  10. We Are Victorous